Jun 2 -

I’m starting this blog with the Samanea Saman, or commonly known as the Rain tree. It’s The Tree that I’ve always associated with Trees since young. The tree spreads out like a huge umbrella, like nature’s way of telling us to come under and seek shelter. It is moderately fast growing and its crown could reach up to 30m in diameter, thus a tree of this size would best flourish in an environment with ample space.

The rain tree thrives under full sun and is said to be intolerant of shade.

Flowers are pink and resembles a powderpuff. They shed their leaves during the dry seasons but refoliate quickly when there is adequate moisture. Their mature pods can be quite of a disturbance when it falls to the grown and since they are filled with a sticky brownish pulp that is edible and sweet, it could attract insects.

Roots of the tree can be shallow and widespread and may grow into pavements.

Dead wooding can be done anytime of the year. Crown thinning of rain trees to admit light if necessary.

(Source: agroforestry.net)